5-Ingredient Raw Snack Bars (Nakd Style)

I love the Nakd Bars, made by Natural Balance Foods; raw tasty goodness, unadulterated by preservatives and chemicals and naturally vegan and gluten free. But where I live in Sardinia they are pretty hard, well actually impossible to find, so I decided to make my own.

Price Comparison

Doing a little price comparison on a spreadsheet, based on one Nakd bar at a cost of 75pence for 30g portion size and sourcing ingredients from Amazon, I calculated that by making them with this recipe, if you use the 30g portion size of the standard Nakd bar (instead of the 50g portions I used because I am such a greedy gorb!), each bar costs 32pence, so by making them at home you enjoy a saving of 43 pence per bar, a whopping 57% cheaper than buying them. Oh, and if you use a 30g portion size for your recipe the calorie count goes down to approx 90 calories per portion.

Ease of Production

To be honest, my first attempt at making my own Nakd bars was not great, I made them too loose through lack of patience by adding in some date syrup because the mix seemed too dry, and ended up covering them in vegan chocolate just to keep them together, which in itself wasn’t a bad thing as they were super delicious, but not quite so healthy! So this time I learned the value of patience when processing the ingredients together and they came out perfectly. Making your own bars is really quick and easy, there is no baking involved and the only special piece of equipment you need is a food processor.

So I present to you my recipe for the 5-ingredient super tasty Raw Snack Bars recipe in 2 delicious flavours; Cocoa & Orange and Gingerbread.

Homemade “Nakd” Snacks

This recipe made me around 8 of each type of bar, but that may vary depending on the size of your mould and how you divide your mix. Based on splitting the mix into 8, each bar will be approximately 50g (approx 169 calories per bar), but if you divide into 12 to 14, it makes the portion size at around 30g; the same size as the Nakd bar you’d buy at the store.

Cocoa & Orange Bar Ingredients

180g Dates (pitted)
100g Nuts
56g Sultanas
20g Cocoa Powder
Finely grated zest from one orange.

Gingerbread Bar Ingredients

180g Dates (pitted)
100g Nuts
56g Sultanas
3 pieces of Stem Ginger
1tsp Mixed Spice (optional)


I used a silicone small cupcake mould for my bars, but you can just roll them out and then slice them in the traditional bar shape or use your own mould in whatever shape you like.
I used a blend of cashew nuts, almonds and pecan nuts. I think any nuts will do the trick so use what you have and let me know how you get on with different nuts or blends.
I used Raw Cacao, but any good quality cocoa will do.
I used sultanas, but I think you could probably use any dried fruit such as prunes or even figs, or you could just omit.
I used my hands to press the mixture into the moulds, but you could also use the back of a spoon….you may need to wet the spoon to avoid sticking.

Gingerbread Raw Snack Bars



  1. Place all the ingredients into a food processor with the cutting blade.
  2. Process until completely combined – be patient, this may take up to 5 or 10 minutes depending on the power of your processor.
  3. Once the ingredients are combined and forming a ball in the bowl, switch off the processor and remove the mix.
  4. Divide the mix into your choice of portion size – I made 8 smaller balls, but adjust to suite your desired size.
  5. Press each ball into your desired mould, and press down firmly.
  6. You can leave them in the mould in the fridge to set, but I removed them immediately.
  7. Place in an airtight container in the fridge and enjoy as and when you need a sweet, tasty snack.

Now I guess these will stay fresh in the fridge for a week or two, possible more as they only contain dried fruit and nuts, but to be honest my never last that long, so use your noodle here and if they are growing fur….don’t eat them!!

Alternative Flavour Combinations

So give it a try, make your own blends with your favourite flavours….here are a few examples:

Cranberry & Orange – Use dried cranberries & orange zest
Pecan Pie – use Pecans and Maple Syrup
Apple & Cinnamon – Use dried apples & Cinnamon
Bakewell Tart – Use dried cherries and almonds plus a couple of drops of almond essence
Pina Colada – Use dessicated coconut and dried pineapple

….the choices are endless, just substitute you own favourite dried fruit for the raisins, change the nut blend to suit your flavours and have fun inventing 😉


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