Chocolate and Orange Mousse Dessert

So I just want to address the elephant in the room. I am aware a lot of people out there love soy products and a lot of people think it’s toxic. Personally, I have yet to see any human based scientific research that says that non GMO soya is bad for your health unless you are at risk of high oestrogen breast cancer. I have very low oestrogen levels and therefore I continue to use and enjoy soya products, but I choose only non GMO products made in Europe.

I recently watched a television documetary about longevity, one of the places the study took place in was in Japan, where people eat mainly tofu and soy products as their main source of protein on a daily basis, so I am sceptical that soya products are as toxic as many people like to make out, otherwise these people in Japan would be the unhealthiest people on the planet, not the longest living. Having said that I can also say that I can well believe that GMO soy produced in the USA by Monsanto is very likely to be toxic, not only to our health, but also to the planet!

I am attaching a couple of articles about soya that cite their resources for anyone wanting to explore the subject further, but you can also search for yourself. I am not one to tell anyone what to believe or think, but I do suggest people research for studies done with non GMO soya, produced outside the US, which were carried out on the human physiology and not animals as we have very different biological systems.
A Vegan Doctor talks about Soy
Bon Appetit what science says about soy

At the end of the day, if you really don’t want to use tofu, then substitute for cashew cream instead….simples…it’s totally your choice!

Layered Chocolate & Orange Mousse Dessert

This is a layered dessert with a squidgy fudgy base layer, a bit like a Nakd bar, then an orange cashew cream layer, a slice of orange and then a silken tofu chocolate orange cream layer.

Chocolate & Orange Mouse Dessert

Serves 4, store covered in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Base Layer

60g Medjool Dates
70g Almonds

Orange Mousse Layer

100g Cashew nuts
150g Fresh natural orange juice
1tsp Orange zest
50g Coconut butter
1/8th tsp Turmeric
Agave syrup to taste
4 slices of peeled orange

Chocolate Mousse Layer

400g Silken Tofu – Organic & non GMO
100g 70% Cocoa Chocolate
2tbsp Cocoa Powder
3tbsp Agave syrup
1tsp Orange zest
1tsp Vanilla extract



  1. Place the dates and almonds in a food processor, mix on high speed for approximately 2 minutes until the nuts begin to release their oils and the mix can be brought together into a smooth ball. Do not be tempted to add liquid to the mix, if it’s not coming together, just keep going for a while longer.
  2. Bring the mix together into a ball and divide into 4. Press the base into your chosen dish or mould.
  3. Place the cashews, orange juice, orange zest and melted coconut butter into the processor and mix together until it’s a smooth mousse. Add this into your chosen dish, place the slice of orange on the top and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to set a bit.
  4. Meanwhile make your chocolate mousse. Place the chocolate in a bowl over some hot water to melt it.
  5. Add the silken tofu, cocoa powder, agave syrup, orange zest, vanilla and melted chocolate into the mixer and process until smooth.
  6. Spoon this into your dishes on top of the orange slice.
  7. Place in the fridge to set for 2 hours.
  8. Garnish with a slice of orange and serve.

I hope you enjoy this dessert, please feel free to leave your comments as always 🙂


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