A Good Start

I feel it’s been a great start to Veganuary, it really helped making sure that I created a meal plan for the week and a strategy for avoiding my potential pitfall foods. I made sure I had some tasty raw and vegan snacks for those moments when I needed to reach for something sweet or savoury and I even managed to survive my first meal out without any problems. That last statement may sound a bit odd to those of you living in cities or large towns, but here in rural Sardinia most of the restaurants, and actually most of the people in general, do not even know what vegan means, let alone what they eat or don’t eat!

Along with the snacks I made, I also made sure that I made extra portions for some of the meals so that I could freeze some portions for when I am rushed or unable to prepare fresh for one reason or another.


My best pal, Rocket!


I have also managed to some vegan e-shops that are able to deliver the vegan and raw ingredients that I thought may be difficult to source. I will be putting in an order soon and will write a review the shops and the products I choose soon. If you are living in Italy like me and would like to know what they are, here is a list:

i-Vegan – has a range of vegan foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and books for vegans and are also able to post refrigerated goods, such as vegan cheezes.

Mio Bio Discount – A range of organic, raw food and vegan products.

Bio Salute – Vegan, organic, cosmetics and health products including refridgerated products.

Please let me know if you are aware of any other mail order vegan suppliers that offer cost-effective delivery to Italy.

Cravings, Musings & General Notes

What have I missed? Well despite going out for pizza and getting a vegan pizza, my biggest craving was not for cheese, which was a surprise to me, instead I have actually missed butter most this week. Not being able to get a nice fresh slice of beautifully made artisan bread from our local baker with a generous layer of butter…..(she writes while dribbling Homer Simpson style!) Hence I have avoided bread for most of the week, which isn’t a bad thing in itself I guess, but today I did sneak in a fresh sandwich for which I made a nice olive, artichoke and tomato pate which I partnered with some lovely fresh rocket. I have found Rocket (Alternatively known as Rucola or Arugula) a life saver this week, for some reason it managed to replace the cheese or rather mask the lack of cheese on my vegan pizza allowing me to enjoy a meal that I feared may have been ruined for me after I made this decision to go vegan.

I haven’t yet noticed a major difference in anything just yet, but I am feeling a bit lighter; not necessarily in physical weight, although I have lost a bit this week, but more of a sensation of lightness. I think I am managing to provide myself a balanced diet, but if there are any dieticians out there reading this, please let me know what you think of my food diary and any gaps in nutritional needs!

Energy & Mood Rating

 Energy Level

Medium Energy

Feeling a bit more lively



It’s all good!

Progress Chart

My blood pressure seems to be fluctuating every day, and it’s still early days, so I cannot draw any conclusions yet as to whether my new diet has had any impact on that, so I will leave any judgements about that and other health, energy changes for a couple more weeks. I will continue to record them here, but will not as yet draw any conclusions. My current stats and progress can be viewed below.

Chart with BMI & Weight

Chart Key Top Line = Weight (kg) Bottom Line = BMI

Chart with Blood Pressure

Chart Key Dark Red = Blood Pressure (sys) Light Red = Blood Pressure (dia)

Food Diary

Below you will find my food diary for meals and snacks. I have added links to recipes where I find them.

Overnight OatsWatercress, orange & beetroot juiceSticky Tofu Burgers from Mouthwatering Vegan
Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges
Crunchy vegan Coleslaw
Raw Tomato, rocket & garlic crackers
Overnight OatsAttention Grabber Juice from Rawsomely Vegan! Vegan Shepherds Pie
Steamed Cabbage
Vegan Malt Loaf
Quinoa MuesliCabbage Patch Juice from Rawsomely Vegan!Leftover Vegan Shepherds PieHomemade Vegan Oatmeal, raisin & Maca Cookies
Quinoa MuesliBanana
Apricot Soya Yoghurt
Vegan PizzaHomemade Raw Nakd Bars
Quinoa MuesliPapaya Green SmoothieSweet Potato Curry
Basmati Rice
Rice CrispiesPapaya Green SmoothieCourgetti with Vegan Rocket Pesto
Rice CrispiesArtichoke, olive & tomato pate with Rocket sandwichSticky Tofu Burger with sweet potato chips
BananaBeet & Orange SmoothieBean Casserole with Jacket Potato
Overnight OatsHomemade Carrot Soup with croutonsLeftover Beans with Mash
Overnight OatsCarrot SoupKofta Masala from Mouthwatering VeganVegan Banana Bread
Quinoa MuesliGreen SmoothieRoast potatoes, roasted Cauliflower, Kale with Vegan Burger
Quinoa MuesliCauliflower SoupMushroom, Courgette & Leek Quinoa
Overnight OatsCauliflower SoupCourgetti with homemade rocket pesto
Buckwheat MuesliGreen SmoothieVegan Sausage Rolls with Mash potatoes and Baked Beans

Please get in touch via the comments below or contact me direct if you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions for me.

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  • Teresa Thomas

    So pleased your start into veganism has all been very positive.