Still on course! | Week 2 of Veganuary

End of week 2 of Veganuary and I have to say I am loving it! This week we were given an amazing, huge fresh organic cauliflower by a friend, so this week’s meals have featured some cauliflower recipes. It’s been another good week of Veganuary for me.


What a gift!

What a gift!

Cravings, Musings & General Notes

Well the weight has been dropping off, 2kg in just 2 weeks, hopefully it will slow down and become a bit more sustainable weight loss in the following months ahead, but after struggling to lose anything for over a year, it’s a sight for sore eyes seeing the scales each week! I can’t say I have seen any major difference in my energy levels yet, but I hope that this will also pick up as I continue on.

I have to say I have been loving the creative cooking aspect of this change, as a person who loves to cook, I have really enjoyed preparing and experimenting with different ingredients and trying new recipes which I wouldn’t have considered before; who knew you could make rice from cauliflower and spaghetti from courgettes!? Well probably loads of you, but it is all a wonderful discovery for me 😉

I have not been tempted to stray away this week, no cravings for butter this week thankfully. I have ordered some vegan cheeses to try just to see what they are like and how I could incorporate them into my diet if they are any good.

I can foresee challenges ahead at times when I am out at work and my partner has to cook for me, but I figure making extra and freezing will ease some of that burden from him. Also when going to friends houses to eat, I am not finding it difficult to find easy vegan recipes, but I have chosen this lifestyle, I am enthusiastic about making it work and actively search for interesting and exciting vegan recipes. Friends and family are less likely to be as enthusiastic about it as me and are more likely to see cooking for me as a bit of a nuisance.

I would like to explore the “mixed-diet” relationship dynamics for a while if I may. I smile as I use the term “mixed-diet” as it feels kind of like I am comparing it to a “mixed-culture” or “mixed-religion” type of relationship, but actually it kind of feels like that sometimes…..2 people in a relationship with very different ideas about their lifestyle and eating habits is comparable I think?? Maybe not, but anyhow I will continue with the train of thought. I wonder how many vegans are living with partners who are, at least, resistant to your diet choices? How do you find being in a “mixed-diet” relationship? How do you deal with the seemingly inevitable tensions?

Da da da da daaaaa....

Da da da da daaaaa….  Sorry, I couldn’t resist sharing!

Before I go deeper, please understand I love my partner, he has taken care of me and nurtured me through some tricky times and he will always back me 100% on any outside issues, and will declare  enthusiastically to all and sundry how he loves the food I cook, telling friends each week about the meal I cooked on Meat Free Monday that was really tasty, he is even really comfortable with me making our cappuccino with soya milk rather than cows milk. We are in a human relationship and like all relationships there are dynamics which create tensions, so please don’t judge either of us as I explain. I don’t write about this to bemoan my partner, I write about it because I am sure we are not the only couple who have encountered this challenge and to try to understand it and move past it. My partner has, like many of us, been brought up as a meat and 2 veg kind of guy, he tries to understand and support why I have chosen a vegetarian and now vegan lifestyle, but also, at times, get’s irritated if we talk about it. I don’t think I am preachy or judgemental about it with anyone…..okay, okay I admit that I get an expression of horror on my face if people say they buy caged hen eggs, eat sharkfin soup or foie gras and my mouth can’t stop the word “evil” coming out when people talk lovingly about McDonalds……but, I really, really do try to respect anyone’s lifestyle choices, and not just about diet! However, for some reason, we have started to do this dance where he will ask me to explain more about why I am choosing vegan, I will explain the reasons and their relevant potential impacts on my health, the environment and animal welfare and then somehow, along the way, he’ll interrupt me, get agitated and will level the challenge at me that I am trying to “convert” him. I don’t know how it happens and it’s not a pleasant topic of conversation for either of us.

He has recently decided that he will try a meat free day once a week, which is fantastic as it means we can share the same meals together without any tensions and he really enjoys the vegan dishes he eats on those days, plus it’s great news for his health. However at other times when I am making my own vegan meals, which I would then serve for him to have alongside an animal protein, I encounter this new “I am not a vegan” statement. Now to put his side of the argument across here, he will say, quite rightly, that I would not be prepared to share a plate of meat with him, so perhaps the balance is off and this is not a 50/50 give and take type thing. Obviously I don’t agree with that statement as he is not morally against eating vegetables and legumes, whereas I am morally against eating animals having to die for me to enjoy my food, but he is right, there is no way I am sharing his dish of animal protein and in that I am much less flexible than him! To clarify, I have been a vegetarian since long before we met and I have always served vegetarian dishes alongside an animal protein for him, but for some reason I am not clear on, my being vegan has changed that balance we had. It can feel like we are between a rock and a hard place; if we make 2 completely separate meals then that creates tension because we are basically eating separately, but if we share a vegan dish alongside the animal protein he has chosen then that is also a problem as I am trying to “convert” him.  Perhaps it’s more to do with wanting to know exactly what he is eating, perhaps I am not being forthcoming enough because I am concerned that he won’t be open to trying what I have prepared, and perhaps I am not giving him enough credit and trying to trick him into enjoying vegan food rather than giving him the choice up front. Are his lip curled questions like “what sort of flour is in here? or what is in this?” are more out of curiosity than judgement? I wonder how many others have this issue in their “mixed-diet” relationships and how they deal with it, please share your thoughts on the comments below if you have some insight.

But for now I think I will go and do some baking, might be getting a craving for some vegan cookies! Have a great weekend everyone.

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Progress Chart

Chart with BMI & Weight

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Food Diary

Overnight OatsWatercress, orange & beetroot juiceSticky Tofu Burgers from Mouthwatering Vegan
Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges
Crunchy vegan Coleslaw
Raw Tomato, rocket & garlic crackers
Overnight OatsAttention Grabber Juice from Rawsomely Vegan! Vegan Shepherds Pie
Steamed Cabbage
Vegan Malt Loaf
Quinoa MuesliCabbage Patch Juice from Rawsomely Vegan!Leftover Vegan Shepherds PieHomemade Vegan Oatmeal, raisin & Maca Cookies
Quinoa MuesliBanana
Apricot Soya Yoghurt
Vegan PizzaHomemade Raw Nakd Bars
Quinoa MuesliPapaya Green SmoothieSweet Potato Curry
Basmati Rice
Rice CrispiesPapaya Green SmoothieCourgetti with Vegan Rocket Pesto
Rice CrispiesArtichoke, olive & tomato pate with Rocket sandwichSticky Tofu Burger with sweet potato chips
BananaBeet & Orange SmoothieBean Casserole with Jacket Potato
Overnight OatsHomemade Carrot Soup with croutonsLeftover Beans with Mash
Overnight OatsCarrot SoupKofta Masala from Mouthwatering VeganVegan Banana Bread
Quinoa MuesliGreen SmoothieRoast potatoes, roasted Cauliflower, Kale with Vegan Burger
Quinoa MuesliCauliflower SoupMushroom, Courgette & Leek Quinoa
Overnight OatsCauliflower SoupCourgetti with homemade rocket pesto
Buckwheat MuesliGreen SmoothieVegan Sausage Rolls with Mash potatoes and Baked Beans

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